Why did you create this product?

We saw a need to improve on the stock sights on all of the available pistols that fire the Tokarev round. We were aware that many owners wished for a better sight option to take advantage of the 7.62x25's ballistic potential. Plus, we're middle-aged and can't see very well.


What material are these rails made from?

Our rails are made from 6061-T6 aluminum which is the industry standard for products of this type.


What is the finish?

Our rails are hard-anodized in black.


Do your rails conform to any mil spec?

Yes, our rails were engineered to conform to mil spec MIL-STD-1913.


What is included with my purchase?

Your purchase includes the rail, two 8-40 mounting screws, the installation instructions, and the shipping cost.


Can I install this myself, or should I have a gunsmith do it?

You can install this yourself if you have a quality drill press and all of the right tools that are listed on the instruction sheet. You must be experienced in using your drill press! That being said, we recommend that you have a professional gunsmith perform the installation.


If I want to install it myself, what additional tools will I need besides the drill press?

You will need the following:

1) One small, quality level (a scope-mounting level is preferred) and a possibly a second longer level to check your drill press table
2) #31 drill bit (for starting pilot hole)
3) #28 drill bit (for 8-40 bottom tap)
4) #19 drill bit (for final hole drilling of the rail)

5) 1/8" drill bit stop collar
6) 8-40 bottom tap

7) Deburring tool or bit
8) Loctite 242 (optional)

9) Your preferred quality C-clamp or G-clamp

10) A Torx driver, size T15


How do you properly center the rail on the slide?

The CZ rail is engineered to be self-aligning. There is a channel milled into the bottom that conforms to the raised portion of the slide. For the Tokarev rail, two methods can be employed. The recommended method is by using a level. The second method only works if your rear sight blade is exactly centered. You can use the vertical alignment notch milled into the back edge behind the rear-most recoil groove of the rail to center it with the rear sight.


Why don't you include mounting jig?

When following this procedure, the rail itself acts as a jig for the drilling of the pilot holes.


Will this installation affect the mechanical functionality of my handgun?



What happens if I make a mistake and accidentally drill too far and penetrate the firing pin channel?

We consulted a professional gunsmith about this. While this is not an ideal situation, the mere penetration of the firing pin channel will not adversely affect the operation of your firearm. The proper operation of the firing pin inside the firing pin channel is not dependent on air pressure. In fact, the gunsmith we consulted said that having more air flow inside the firing pin channel could IMPROVE your firing pin's operation. The change would be nearly immeasurable, but it would not be detrimental. Besides, when you tighten the screw, the hole is plugged and the mistake is effectively fixed. So, as long as you don't actually drill into the firing pin, you shouldn't have a problem. However, if you do make this mistake, we recommend removing the firing pin and cleaning the channel to eliminate any possible metal shavings that may be present.


How much are your rails?

We charge $29.00 for the rail, the screws, and the instructions. Shipping via USPS First Class with tracking is included.



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