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We are proud and excited to offer to the American public the first and only picatinny rails for the CZ-52 and Tokarev pistols. We provide the rail, screws, and instructions to mount our products if you have the right tools and knowledge to do it yourself. However, we recommend that you have it installed by your preferred gunsmith.


We currently offer rail kits for the CZ-52 and Romanian Tokarev. The Yugoslavian/Serbian Tokarev rail is currently under development and the Polish, Russian, and Chinese will follow. Please browse our site to see if one of our products can improve the enjoyment of your firearm!


Take Advantage of Your 7.62x25 Firearm's Ballistic Potential

Most 7.62x25 ammunition sold today has a muzzle velocity of at least 1,600 feet per second. It's one of the fastest handgun cartridges sold in the world.

With this round traveling at near rifle-caliber speeds, the applications for your old CZ-52 or Tokarev handgun suddenly open up if you have a sighting system that will allow you to take advantage of it. No other parts or accessories manufacturer offers the capability to do that.

Only $29!

For $29 you get:

  • One rail of your choice
  • Two 8-40 screws
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Free shipping
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