The TT-33 Tokarev pistol was created in the early 1930's by Fedor Tokarev. It was produced by Russia until 1954. After Russia stopped, China, Poland, Romania, North Korea, Pakistan, and Yugoslavia all made their own variants of this pistol.


Pictured to the right is a Romanian TT-C, both before and after being cerakoted.


Our rail is custom-engineered to fit the slide of this pistol. Installation instructions are included, but gunsmith installation is recommended.


We are testing our rail on other variants. They will be added to this page as testing concludes for each one.


To order, please click here to go to our Contact/Order page for more details. Thank you!


Attention! This rail is not compatible with the new-production Serbian Zastava M57. While the slide thickness appears to be the same,
the radial curvature of the slide is slightly wider and flatter than the Romanian TT-C. As such, this rail will not sit flush,
and attempting to install it on an M57 is not recommended.
We are working on a modified version of this rail for the Serbian M57.

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